Professional Headshots & Groups

Whether your company requires staff photographs or you want a professional image for your portfolio, our experienced photographers will provide you with high-quality and affordable portraits.

All business portraits are available for you to download, copyright-free.

In Studio or On Location

Whether you come to our studio or we travel to your office, you’ll love our professional portraits. The following tips will help produce the best possible image.

Hair & Makeup

We recommend that you keep your hair the way you wear it daily. Haircuts should be done at least 1 week prior to your session. Makeup should look natural and how you normally wear it. Translucent powder can be used to help reduce shine.

Choose Solid Colors

Choose solid colors that aren’t too bright. Patterns and flashy hues will draw attention away from your personality. Note that white fabric may give individuals with a fair complexion a washed-out appearance.

Dress Conservatively

Dress in clothing that would be acceptable to wear in the workplace.


Studies show that when people view a photograph of a smiling person, they feel at ease and have increased trust in them.

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